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Language Courses- European

It is always an enjoyable and additional skill to learn a new language. Purohit Academy understands that well and so brings you a diverse category of foreign language courses crafted and imparted by our instructors’ expert team.


What are the Language Courses in Purohit Academy?

  • Our areas of expertise comprise languages prominent across multiple continents such as Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Among the European languages, we specialize in French, German, Spanish, and Italian. 
  • As part of these language courses, experts would impart proper reading, writing (script), and talking (conversation). The course covers interesting classroom lectures that also feature audio and video sessions, and the institute will also give course books to the students.
  • In addition to the language, Purohit Academy also focuses on educating students about the culture and traditions of specific places in question. We also provide certificates to the students based on their performances in a written performance test held at the end of the course. 

One can choose a crash course with a shorter duration, usually of 1 month to complete the entire course. While training corporates in any foreign language, we also coach them in customer behavior skills, buying and selling conversations, negotiating and clicking deals, etc. Additionally, our training programs also include tone training in Chinese languages and accent training for other languages. 

Segments of European Language Course Coaching

In our European language course, we cover these languages – French, German, Italian, Spanish. Purohit Academy also helps students, entrepreneurs, and business executives meet their requirements in these languages. Learn to speak fluently in these languages with our experienced teachers. We will introduce you to the various castes, religions, and beliefs of these places. You will get to know about the ancient cultures and traditions of these places.

We will introduce you to the masterpieces of verses, poetry, novels, and dramas of these languages to help you know better about these places’ history. We will also introduce you to the broader social patterns that cut across individual works and hold the tradition together. We will help you know about these places’ currency, help business people, friends, classmates, and make phone calls. You will learn to spell the clock timings, numerals, alphabets, months, days of the week, units of measure, learn particles sentence structure, general day to day conversations on fruits, vegetables, and different products.

Purohit Academy also takes tutorial sessions directing students to twist sentences to negative, asking questions, vocabulary, and learning dialogues. Audio and video sessions will be organized during classroom lectures. Study materials and course books are to be provided by our institute. We draw attention to students’ vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing, speaking in these languages. You will learn to know how to initiate conversations, buy and sell products in different languages, negotiate and deal, and learn about behavior skills.

The fundamental aspects that the students can learn from our language course are the following:

  • Letters, vowels, and their sounds 
  • Begin as a complete beginner and subsequently build their sentences after the first few lessons 
  • Understand and be able to use linguistic and grammatical features of different languages with no difficulty
  • Getting a clear idea of the pronunciations​​ 
  • Put together a substantial base vocabulary of words and phrases to use them right away in the real world
  • The students will therefore swiftly build a solid foundation of the languages
  • Being able to answer and ask simple questions easily.

French Language Coaching

Our French language course is a certification course that encompasses the basic knowledge of the French language and literature, its vocabulary and grammar. It teaches the students how to read French words and sentences to improve their reading and writing proficiency in French quickly. 


Why learn the French Language?

  • There are several fundamental reasons to undertake a Certificate Course in French. As soon as we hear the word French, we tend to associate it with ideas such as fashion, romanticism, and good food for sure. Therefore, learning is not just fashionable but beneficial as well.
  • Simultaneously, the inclinations to learn a foreign language can vary from person to person, as some people want to learn the language as a passion or some for a career in the same lines.
  • Learning the French language can come in handy in several areas of work. Most of India’s multi-national companies are from Europe, and most of them have their origin from France. Learning French will not only make you a more refined individual. It will also open numerous paths in various sectors such as the tourism and hospitality industry, fashion, luxury goods, diplomatic services, retailing, banking and finance, automotive, aeronautics, international business, education, and many more. 

France and Languages of France

French is the sixth ranking most widely spoken language throughout the world. Moreover, other than English, French is the only language spoken across all five continents, and the second most ranking taught language after English worldwide. It is among the six official languages used in UNESCO, English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, and Arabic. Thus, studying the French language has the benefit of exploring the culture and traditions, literature, and history of the French-speaking countries.

Students with better command over the French language can easily avail themselves of higher education in the highly sought-after foreign universities. Further, there are great jobs in translating, interpreting, teaching, and proofreading as well. After completing this language course, the students can find prospective job positions in any translation bureau, French embassy, data entry center, private organizations, hotel industry, tours, travel companies, etc. The students will be sought as a French translator, subject matter specialist, interpreter, customer support operator, sales executive, tour guide, and more. 

German Language Coaching

Our German language course is a certification course that imparts to students the basic knowledge of the German language and literature, grammar, and vocabulary. It guides the students on how to read German words and sentences to improve their reading and writing ability in German quickly. Students are trained in communicative, oral, and usability related facets of the language throughout the course. 

Many people learn a foreign language to make themselves more groomed, impressive, confident, and self-assured in the market place. These skills help in getting a better job in today’s competitive market. Apart from job opportunities, it also aids in making interpersonal connections across cultural boundaries. For working professionals, communicating and understanding a common language opens up plenty of job opportunities. 


Why learn the German Language?

  • The German language can help you connect to more than 100 million native speakers around the world. This course is beneficial for students interested in learning a foreign language, people who have a career in foreign services, and people looking for a career in tourism and aiming for a Translator career. Additionally, it will benefit anyone whose job demands a basic understanding of the language. 
  • Additionally, a German-language certified candidate has an ample number of options to choose from their career. One can learn the language and choose from areas or job prospects such as tourism coordinator, foreign diplomat, translator, teacher, assistant in the embassy, or other embassy level work and literary works.

Germany and Languages of German

Germany is amongst the three working languages of the European Commission, English and French, and Austria, Switzerland, and Luxembourg’s official language. Additionally, the language stands as the most widely spoken language in Europe, and the third-ranking spoke language after English globally. German also has the largest number of native speakers in the European Union, far more than English, Spanish, or French. It falls among the ten most commonly spoken languages in the world. Besides, it is a lingua franca of Central and Eastern Europe.

German is the second most ranking commonly used scientific language across the world. The German language is the one used by Marx, Nietzsche, Goethe, Brecht, and Grass. Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Schubert, Wagner, Mahler, Brahms, Schumann, and Schoenberg also spoke and wrote in German, as did Freud, Einstein, Weber, Hegel, Heisenberg, Kant, and Heidegger. This language is the gateway to an outstanding higher education scenario. 

Spanish Language Course

The Spanish language is the original language of around 400 to 450 million people, making it the second most spoken language globally. Spanish has the official language status in 21 countries across Europe, Africa, Central, South, and North America. Hence, it is a globally eminent and essential language. Many international organizations and companies have adopted the Spanish language as one of their official languages. 


Why learn the Spanish language?

  • To be competent to communicate with someone, one has to know the language, so our main focus remains on oral understanding. One can make new connections with people across the world when they know the Spanish language.
  • One can also experience the Spanish-speaking world’s culture, traditions, and history through a linguistic lens and travel to or even live in Spanish speaking countries with self-confidence.
  • Learning the Spanish language will also help a person trim up their business skills and help them compete in the global economy or get a leg up learning about other related languages, including English.
  • Some of the most regular employing fields for this language are marketing, advertising, media organizations, administration and research, publishing organizations, general management, etc. Students trained in the Spanish language can seek job prospects such as digital copywriter, information officer, translator, interpreter, records manager, public relations officer, event organizer, customer support advisor, web content and social media manager, tourist guide, magazine, or newspaper journalist, teacher, etc. 

Spain and Languages of Spain

Spanish is also a language of romance along with French, Catalan, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian. Spanish is expressive and a phonetic language, making it a relatively simple language for new learners, especially when it comes to speaking and spelling. The use of the Spanish language online has amplified by an implausible 800% in recent years, which means that it is the third most popular language on the internet. Moreover, as the world is becoming more closely knit, the demand for those who are proficient in Spanish is growing in India as well. There are unlimited career opportunities for people who are well versed in Spanish, such as for traveling and tourism, journalism and banking, international business, as a foreign language instructor, translator, interpreter, foreign diplomat, etc. Learning Spanish can, therefore, be a valuable skill that would surely boost your career prospects. 

With the help of Purohit Academy’s Spanish language course, students can develop their necessary communication skills, including speaking, reading, and writing. After completing this enriching course, students can explore job prospects across different sectors such as private and public sector organizations like national and local governments, educational institutions, voluntary and charitable organizations, National Health Service, financial and legal firms, etc.

Italian Language Coaching

Our Italian language course is a certification course that helps students gain the necessary knowledge of the Italian language and literature, grammar, vocabulary, etc. It can guide the students in reading Italian words and sentences to quickly improve their reading and writing ability in the Italian language. Students are taught in communicative, oral, and usability related aspects of the language throughout the course.


Why learning the Italian Language?

  • The Italian language knowledge can help you open up to a whole world of Italian speakers that span across international borders. A little more than 60 million people on Earth speak Italian as their first language, making it the 20th most spoken language worldwide. It is also interesting to know that the Italian language is spoken in 30 countries globally, spanning across continents, with the highest number of European countries.
  • Italian stands as the official language of countries of many countries. Also, it ranks amongst the list of 24 official languages of the European Union. There is a reason why every year half a million students take up Italian language courses outside Italy, in all countries of the world, and why a majority of the students opt to learn the language.
  • Italian is a language that encompasses a rich culture and heritage. The language can take you around the world, from Europe to Africa to North America and beyond. The Italian language ranks fourth as the most studied language in United States colleges and high schools. The enrollment rate for Italian classes is growing 20% faster than for any other language course. It is a language of culture. A UNESCO report has also stated that over 60% of the world’s art treasures are found in Italy. Thus, the Italian language is critical to studying and researching art, literature, history, archaeology, and philosophy.

Italy and Languages of Italy

Italian is a working language. Managers, investors, technicians, workers, and workers contact people in the Italian industrial, artisan, and service world. Italy is, in the present day, one of the top economies in the world, with a lot of employers seeking people who can speak Italian. Over thousands of Indian firms do business with Italy, and on the other hand, numerous Italian companies have their offices in India. 

Italian has now become a widely used language for personal and official use in India today. Hence, it possesses excellent scope and job opportunities as well. Several international Italian companies like Fiat, Gucci, Lloyd, Ferrari, Banco, Benetton, Marconi, Pinnacle have set up their business in India. These corporations often lookout for people fluent in the Italian language. Thanks to globalization and outsourcing, there are many opportunities in several MNCs, BPO, and KPO sectors.

Due to the lack of Italian speakers in India, there is always a demand for translators, interpreters, language trainers, content writers, and proofreaders. Students adept in the language can apply for jobs in the Italian embassy in New Delhi and Mumbai’s consulate. There are many Italian language specialist jobs, and in the hospitality and tourism industry in India.