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About Anita Purohit

Originally from Orissa, the brilliant educator moved to Mumbai and began to teach at Vidyanagari, Kalina University in Mumbai. Dr. Anita’s crave for knowledge motivated her to learn Italian, and soon she built a passion for foreign languages. She is well versed in Italian, French, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, and many different foreign languages. Within just a few years after she owned a degree in the Italian language from Delhi Italian Consulate, her popularity and reputation spread far and wide. Madhu Sapre, the famous model, used Anita’s assistance as an interpreter. 

Dr. Anita’s hard work, determination, and commitment to her language training institute are transparent. The academy makes sure that the learners earn a detailed clarity and understanding of the particular language. She has good experience of more than 25 years in several counseling areas and training students methodically from various disciplines. She has trained thousands of students for higher studies in different countries such as the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. She contributed to the corporate world also really well, arming it with different foreign languages. She always has a sight of remarkable educational services in the main fields of foreign education. She is a woman who believes in quality over quantity. Dr. Anita stated, ‘The specialty of our training is that we follow an explicit step-by-step module. The learners are provided enough room to comprehend the language deeply and clearly along with the backup of exhaustive study materials gathered from India and abroad’. Presently, Purohit Academy is gratified to own a dignified place in the language training industry.

She is a Best Selling Author and a successful certified trainer, a unique educator – counselor who reaches over 1000+ people. She has a rich experience of over 20 years in various areas of counseling and guiding students methodically from different disciplines. She is the Director of Purohit Academy at Mumbai, India. She has been training people in Mandarin,Thai & Italian. She also assists students and aspirants for IELTS training She has travelled far and wide across the globe.

She believes in Quality over Quantity and wishes to take people’s lives to an all together different heights through her value based and dedicated services.

Purohit Academy- Your One Stop Destination to Linguistic and Abroad Course Coaching

Purohit Academy is one of the most well-known and remarkable foreign language training institutes, located in Mumbai. The academy was established in 1995 by Dr. Anita Purohit, a Ph.D. holder in Nuclear Physics and a famous Physics Professor at Mumbai University who resides in Mumbai. She took the step to commence a language training institute named Purohit Academy. The academy offers good quality and holistic training in various foreign languages.

Dr. Anita Purohit once stated, ‘Being in the teaching profession, I enrolled in an Italian language training course at Mumbai University out of curiosity. This is where my journey of falling in love with foreign languages started. Later, I also went on to learn Chinese and Thai’.

Foundation and Growth

Purohit Academy emerged as a top center of learning. The academy has trained and taught foreign languages to more than 5000 students. It has also trained students on preparatory courses like GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, SAT, IELTS, TWE, TSE. The academy has built the career of thousands of bright students who have enrolled themselves in the top universities and corporate organizations both in India and abroad. The academy’s counselors’ team ensures the best knowledge and guidance to the students and their counseling services. 

Over these years, the academy has created an incredible reputation in training foreign languages to their employees to fit them perfectly in various countries and merge them with the foreign cultures effortlessly to attain value addition. The academy’s experts and tutors provide personal attention to each of the students to train them into a successful one. The academy also looks forward to collaborating as partners with the corporate class for high quality and employee value education.

Courses and Programs

Purohit Academy is professional in training languages such as Urdu, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Persian, and Thai. The academy has trained several software company employees of SEEEPZ like TCS, PCS, Tata InfoTech, and Datamatics to learn languages such as German, Spanish and Portuguese. Many pharmaceutical organizations like Ajanta Pharma and IPCL also learned Russian and Italian from Purohit Academy. A sector in Citibank, E-Serve situated in Malad, also sent employees to learn Spanish and French. Additionally, many foreign employees employed in Indian firms enroll themselves to learn Indian languages.

People from various countries such as the Philippines, Russia, and America who reside in India, and Olia Gyonkeolya, Jim, and Andrea Andersen have enrolled themselves in Purohit Academy to learn Hindi. The academy has also assisted most people from Middle-East countries to enhance their English speaking skills. Surprisingly, many organizations outsource their translation needs from Purohit Academy! 

Language Courses


Study Abroad Coaching

The academy strives to fulfill before taking the ship on overseas educational life. The preparatory courses that the academy provides like GRE, GMAT, SAT1, TOFEL, IELTS, PTE consists of two months of coaching, which also includes theory sessions and computer-based guidance. A student of Purohit Academy, Gautam Shenoy, who trained for GRE, stated, ‘The difference between the other academic institutes and Purohit Academy is that here each individual is involved. I would say it has been a wonderful experience for me, and I am indebted to Mrs. Purohit for the amount of interest she has taken in helping me to envisage my dream and make it happen.’

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Study Abroad Counseling


Purohit Academy is also famous as a prominent and evolving institution in counseling and coaching for abroad studies. Thus, foreign languages guidance and study abroad counseling for students are like the two sides of the coin at Purohit Academy. Apart from visa training, the academy takes care of each piece of information like admission guidance, statement of purpose, short-listing, pre-application procedure assistance, and financial process training. It also ensures the development of characteristics and formality in every student who visits the institute with a dream.

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The mission of the Purohit Academy is: ‘Perfection is our aim; competition is our criterion.’

Diversity of Students

Purohit Academy has many different students learning foreign languages, such as housewife, college students, experts, the business community, and many more. Before enrolling students, the academy counsels them, and only after knowing their aspirations, they enable students to attend the classes. Students of the institute now and again get the chance to participate in classes provided by international faculty members who possess the utmost expertise in foreign languages. The experts conduct audio and video seminars and FAQ meetings in small groups as part of their training. Moreover, to focus on making the teaching-learning process more compelling, the institute uses songs, which allows the students to recognize a language in the most productive manner. 


Purohit Academy has helped various prominent companies such as L&T, Datamatics, and Siemens outsource their translation needs through its comprehensive and robust language training programs. Since its establishment, both in language guidance and study abroad counseling, the academy’s unmatched services is astounding and has allowed it to develop the career of hundreds of talented students, who are presently enrolled in the top universities both in India and in foreign countries. 

Multilingual- Your Way To Success

The founder of Purohit Academy, Dr. Anita Purohit, is also a well-known and best-selling author. She is the author of the book ‘Multilingual Your Way To Success.’ 

The book’s primary quote is: 

‘The power of being linguistic is indisputable, the power of multilingual skills in transformational.’  

In this book, you will get to know how to use your own experiences, emotions, and vulnerability to make a relationship with your audience through several different languages and take them on a voyage that will eventually lead to action. Dr. Anita’s mission is to take people’s education and their lives to a different level through her valuable determined services.

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