“Teaching is the profession that teaches all the other professions”

Purohit Academy is one of the leading, professional foreign language trainers in Mumbai. Starting on a humble note in 1995, Purohit Academy has grown into a core centre of learning, having trained more than 5,000 students in areas of foreign languages, preparatory courses in GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, SAT, IELTS, TWE, TSE. It has successfully built a future for hundreds of brilliant students, who are currently enrolled in the best universities and corporate entities both in India and abroad. Its team of counselors has ensured the best in guidance and other related counseling services.

At Purohit Academy, the endeavor is to cater to the wide spectrum of requirements that corporate constantly need while servicing outsourcing requirements from abroad and placing their employees in various countries. Over the years, it has established an unmatched reputation in training employees from various corporate in foreign languages ensuring that they fit into foreign cultures with ease and gain value addition. Its experienced tutors ensure that each student is given personal attention, thus making the entire process a fruitful one for the corporate. Purohit Academy looks forward to working as partners with corporate in their quest for excellence and employee value addition.

Purohit Academy’s areas of expertise have been in languages such as French, Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Urdu, Persion, Thai . Purohit Academy has enabled the employees of software companies in the SEEPZ like TCS, PCS, Tata InfoTech and Datamatics to learn German, Spanish and Portuguese. Several employees of pharmaceutical companies like Ajanta Pharma and IPCL have learnt Russian and Italian. A division of Citibank, E-serve, located in Malad, sent a team to learn Spanish and French. On the other hand, several foreigners who are employed in Indian firms are enrolling to learn the local languages. People from the Philippines, Russia (Olia Gyonkeolya) and even Americans (Jim and Andrea Andersen) living here have used the Academy to learn Hindi. It has helped many people from the Middle-East countries to improve their English speaking skills. In fact, many companies outsource their translation requirements from the Academy.

Purohit Academy’s mission statement says ‘ Perfection is our aim; competition is our criterion’. Perhaps, this drive to succeed has enabled it to reach great heights and service leading corporates such as: –

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