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Welcome To Purohit Academy

“Teaching is the profession that teaches all the other professions”

Purohit Academy is one of the leading, professional foreign language trainers in Mumbai. Starting on a humble note in 1995, Purohit Academy has grown into a core centre of learning, having trained more than 5,000 students in areas of foreign languages, preparatory courses in GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, SAT, IELTS, TWE, TSE. It has successfully built a future for hundreds of brilliant students, who are currently enrolled in the best universities and corporate entities both in India and abroad. Our team of counselors has ensured the best in guidance and other related counseling services.

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Asian Language Courses

Acquire proper training in reading, writing, and talking with our Asian language course. Learn about the richness and diversity of the cultures and traditions of Asia through the course. Purohit Academy has special language training courses in Mandarin, Japanese, and Thai in our Asian Language Course.


Mandarin Language

Our Mandarin language course is a certification course specially designed and aimed…

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Japanese Language

Here, at Purohit Academy, our Japanese language course is a certification course that…

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Thai Language

At Purohit Academy, we have adopted an objective and efficient approach to learn…

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European Language Courses

Earn fluency in European Language with our interesting classroom lectures, including audio and video sessions. Refine your flow in European languages be it in speaking, reading or writing. Purohit Academy has special language training courses in French, Italian, Spanish, and German in the European Language Course. 


French Language

Our French language course is a certification course that encompasses the basic…

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German Language

Our German language course is a certification course that imparts to students…

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Spanish Language

The Spanish language is the original language of around 400 to 450 million…

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Italian Language

Our Italian language course is a certification course that helps students…

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Middle East Language Courses

Enroll in the Middle East Language Course specifically designed to match every language of a venture in the Middle East. Gain knowledge of these languages to be fluent in the Middle East. Purohit Academy has special language training courses in Persian, Arabic, and Urdu in the Middle East language course.


Arabic Language

The career scope of learning the Arabic language in India has escalated to great extent…

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Urdu Language

Our Urdu language course is a certification course that encompasses the basic…

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Persian Language

The career scope of learning the Persian language in India has escalated to great extent…

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abroad-coaching Study Abroad Coaching

Purohit Academy offers coaching and training for many courses abroad like the IELTS, GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL, and PTE courses.

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abroad-counseling Study Abroad Counseling

A superb score in the examination is essential to get admission to the dream university. However, in addition to the exam scores, global universities also

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Study Abroad Coaching



Refine your English language proficiency in reading, speaking, and listening to understand…

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Get an intense training of Scholastic Assessment Test to polish your writing, verbal…

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Go through the step by step process of Graduate Record Examination coaching to score…

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Earn the highest score to transit smoothly to the dream business schools by passing the Graduate…

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Acquire the TOEFL training to intensify your English understanding in the spoken and written form…

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Enroll in the Pearson Language Tests training to enhance your English language fluency and settle…

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Study Abroad Counseling



The USA is a popular country when it comes to industry and technology. It is one of the…

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Canada is the only destination across the world that provides high-quality education…

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The United Kingdom ranks second in the most favored destination in the world for abroad studies…

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