We  have  designed a comprehensive course module for the Chinese language,looking at the need of entrepreneurs, business executive, students to gain enough skills on the language to help them in theirday to day business affairs.

Chinese being a Tone based language, we focus mainly on Tone training,vocabulary building, get a clarity on grammatical usage. Help people talk to their business counterpart,looking at the practical applications in the present day scenario.

The entire syllabus is systematically organized with two levels of learning.We teach people how to greet  in Chinese language,making friends, make a telephone call,business negotiations, telling the clock-time etc.General day to day talks on fruits & vegetables,buying things from market etc are done.Also syllabus consists of teaching people numerals,days of the week,months,currency,measure words,particles sentence structure etc.

Converting a sentence to negative,forming a question,vocabulary based on various professions,dialogues at various places Drills are added at the end for student to self practice.Modes of traveling,to go out for shopping etc.

Learn chinese in mumbai

Class tests are conducted at regular intervals.


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